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Your Love Pours Slowly

Your love pours slowly

Like honey to my tea

Embracing me in its beauty

Like a choir’s jubilee!


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


I’m looking for my golden apple

Something happened on the way to the infirmary

Every time I think my life

Is about to pass me by

I think again


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


Solstice Canyon

A little slice of heaven

from the pie of paradise

An ancient stream

falls from its birth

unhindered into the sea

The oaks and the sycamores remember

in all their glory

a picture book story

Time passes in a capsule

of past and present

The future is always tomorrow

In a simpler time

Indians knew how to live

in a peaceful society

upon the earth

In the days of the Chumash

before the Spaniards came

and brought disease

and persecution

They lived here in this canyon

the very same I have been

lucky enough to call home

The rhythms of time are

always present here

in this canyon

Like a Summer Solstice






The four elements

in perfect symmetry

Like a golden springtime

Inspired by Solstice Canyon Wilderness Park in Malibu, CA

©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas

Ode to Jerry

A Tribute to Jerry Garcia

Moonlight on the ocean at a

grateful party

Pre-show energy

everybody’s getting ready

I was there

and proud to witness

The greatest rock ‘n roll show

on earth, a grateful show


An amazing show

and it wasn’t just the psycadelia paraphenalia

as some may say

It was an outrageous

blend of expressionist improvisation

and explosive innovation


coming from a deep-seaded space

and founded musical roots

drenched with sweet emotion

and symphonic rhymes

yeah I was there

and proud to witness

The greatest rock ‘n roll show

On earth, a grateful show


A musical experiment

that lasted thirty years

fueled by a decade of change

and a new perspective

The San Francisco scene

in the sixties would have been

something to see

I didn’t get a glimpse

until the eighties


But lately I’ve been thinking

How lucky I have been

To have been there

With Uncle John’s

Travelling band, the greatest

Rock ‘n roll show ON EARTH


A musical odyssey of sunshine and rain

of silver and gold

and a touch of grey


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


Java Junkies

Java junkies roam the streets at night

Searching for a high

They disappear behind coffee counters

with rows of roasted coffee jars

Java junkies fade into supermarkets

and ride shopping carts through the aisles

Java junkies weave a fabric of concentric circles

in and out of time

Java junkies sleep during the day and at night

they stare up at street lights

or linger in dark alleyways

outside of open coffee counters

with rows of roasted coffee jars

Java junkies play music

in small cafés and old houses

on band wagons

searching for a high

They light cigarettes and candy bars

and any source of flame that keeps a fire

burning through the long and restless night

©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


SHRUB, aka George W. Bush

Written November 8, 2000, day after election night

and the beginning of the fraudulent presidency


It’s all up to you and me (or so we thought)

just how it should be

Do we really want some mindless idiot

running our whole country

Some clown with a dunce cap

playing games and tricks

with all that’s precious

in the Human condition

It’s a cold steel world

and Big Industry

reigns as King

controlling the Global Economy

and the well being of the little people

their not-so-loyal subjects

And Big Industry rules

the Presidency

I guess that’s why

they want some mindless idiot

who will do exactly as he is told

But people really fall

for his rhetoric

and used car salesman


Especially the unsophisticated

mass of Middle America

who aren’t so concerned

with the bigger issues

or even aware

All there is to go on to decide

are those brain-stimulating TV ads

and of course he had more of those

than his more Liberal opponent

and so it goes…we soon shall know


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


Lady on the Bus

I’m sorry lady

for all the anger

A  lonely ranger

in a land of danger

Still my heart aches

while your soul quakes

like a great lake

in a storm of anger

Crying in the dark

sleeping in the park

Life is but a walk

up the street

Is there a spark

of hope in the bleak

world that surrounds you?

I’m sorry lady

for all the hate

Love is but a faint

glow ne’er remembered

in the oh so lonely

dark and narrow

alleys of your life

Pathways of hate

The alleys of your life

ever to create

frustration you burrow

deep into the ground

choking dust

surrounds you

I cry for you

I am sorry

Lady on the bus

Your bleeding heart

in your shopping cart


on the dust

©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


Little Leaf

Little leaf


refracting sunlight

dangling on some

spider’s line

like an ornament

in its design

One side dull

one side bright

Caught in a flash

of golden sunlight

Throwing out silver

to the deep blue sky

Little leaf



Like a child’s play

saying good morrow

to the bright shining day



in its plight

No rest can it find

until the night

when the spider’s web

is woven tight

under the silver moon

reflecting sunlight

            and spinning


in its plight

Little leaf

            Little planet

                        Little moon


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


Our sun

special star

life force

our source

Our moon

mirrors magic

inner source

tidal force


Pull of gravity

Moonlight majesty

Full of imagery

Sunlight energy


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


Mists Rise

Mists rise from my bath

Like small ghosts to the sky

And in my mind

The vaporous question arises


The rainbow sparkles

in the diamond dewdop

there is beauty…still


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


Dewdrops Atop

Dewdrops atop

The blades of grass

Exquisite diamond flowers

The hillside sprouts with green

From the early winter rain

I watch it grow

From my bath

That soothes my pain

Like a gentle rain

Or the morning dew

That is part of me

And part of you


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


I always liked

I always liked the things he said

He could always take me outside of my head

I like the way he would make love to me

All through the night

Remember this…

Keep out of sight

Then they will never know

You are here

He was always saying

Things like that

Like a wise and wary tomcat

Never worry have no fear

He would whisper sweetly

In my ear

All through the day

And into the night

Shadows fade then disappear

Into the void of the light and day

I always liked the things he would say

©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas


It Was Cold In My Bedroom

It was a cold day in my bedroom

You could find me wrapped in freeze-dried coffee

without a coin for the gourmet stuff in my pocket

I remember the time you came to rescue me

with wine and fresh green delicacies

You wore a long coat of royal blue

and when we embraced

I could feel your heart ache and an unrelinquished

desire spark and flame an uncontrollable

fire from the depths of your chaotic soul

It was like a tiger in a zoo

suddenly unchained and free to roam

unhindered into the emptied city streets

I still hear your voice like a small secret

that hides in a dark corner of my mind

Where are you now and have you found your peace

Are you without fear of falling

as you fly like a nightbird

into the wings of the sun

Can you still feel my lips upon your face

and have you found another lover to embrace

Are you free to soar

into the heart of the ecstatic sky

You know heaven

I have shown it to you


©2009 Hyla Menuhin Douglas